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Is Thursday the new Sunday?

I considered doing a double bill this coming Sunday as I’m so late with last weeks’ Sunday Sevens but I thought better of it and here I am.

Monday and Tuesday were non-eventful – I worked.  Then Wednesday I met with a few of the Yorkshire Spoolettes in Halifax – separate post to come soon.  Thursday I had my first A team match (and won!) ……… the bluebells around the 10th green were in full bloom and smelt gorgeous too.

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I resisted steak pie and chips after golf as I was meeting some work buddies and going out for a Chinese in the evening.  We’ve decided that we’re going to have night out the first Thursday of the month and celebrate birthdays or just have a night out.  We had 4 birthdays last week, including David who was over from America who is mad into horses.  Look at this for a birthday cake!

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And here we all are………

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I was driving at I’d arranged to attend a Atrial Fibrillation study day in Leeds so needed a clear head.  It was at the Thackray Medical Museum.  We didn’t get chance to look round but in the entrance was a pull along invalid carriage.

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Friday night we went to watch my nephew play one of the main parts in ‘Fame’ at the Victoria Theatre in Halifax.  He was brilliant, and it’s still a mystery where he get’s his singing talent from!

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The weekend was a scorcher.  H had cricket matches both day, playing for the Senior team.  On Saturday although I did watch a lot of the game I also topped up my tan and was even heard snoring!! The shame!!

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Sunday we travelled to Cawthorn in South Yorkshire, a small well kept village near Cannon Hall Farm.

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There was stunning blossom trees everywhere….

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After we had had a walk around the village we went back to the cricket pavilion for the start of the game.  I fell of the band wagon for the diet and couldn’t resist a cream scone.  I’d tucked in before I remembered to take a photo!

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As part of my health kick (have i mentioned I’ve lost 8 pounds since returning from Portugal!!!!) I been taking my meals to work and to cricket.  Here’s my super duper salad I munched through whilst watching the game……

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That’s one of the main reasons for my radio silence on the blog.  My major health kick.   I’ve been going to the gym, planning meals, working more days due to shorter shifts and now the cricket season’s in full swing I’m struggling to find time to sew and blog.

But hopefully over the next few days I’ll catch up with things – I think I’m sounding like an old record, you’ve probably heard me say it on previous posts.  But as you know sewing and blogging can be all too time consuming and it’s the first thing to give (in my case) when other things are vying for my time!


………..Sunday Sevens is the brain child of Natalie from Threads and Bobbins. If you’d like to link up with her too you can – it’s easy! Just share 7 ish photo’s from your week that don’t necessarily warrant a blog post of their own.

Cheerio for now x



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  1. Ha….here I am also contemplating whether or not to do a Thursday post too! Think I’m going to double up on Sunday instead as I really need to take the time to catch up with everyone else’s posts! Well done on the weight loss, 8lbs is fantastic! Glad to see that the UK got a little bit of sunshine 🙂 And, that scone looks delish!

    • The scone certainly was, it was the highlight of my week after been so good eating salads every day. Looking forward to your double bill think weekend 🙂

  2. Well done on the weight loss. Looking after yourself well is time consuming when done right. I am trying to up my running and finding there aren’t enough hours in the day even though they are longer!! Lovely pictures as usual K xXx

    • Thanks Karen! I think the working week should be 4 short days, then we’d be able to fit everything in, or maybe we would want to just do even more! Good luck with your running, are you training for any particular race? 🙂

      • Aw bless no. I struggle with people. My family were amazed on holiday that I asked them to take my photo for my #memadeholiday. Running is me time. You have brought out a part of me we didn’t know existed. Thank you K xXx

        • I’d never have known, but I’m glad I did, otherwise you wouldn’t have been able to spread your loveliness around, and meet all the spoolettes x

  3. Congrats on your accomplished healthy living. That salad looks yummy. I could eat more salad if someone made one for me like that. I just don’t enjoy making them. I love all your sunny pics. We seem to be stuck in rain here in the mid-Atlantic region of the US.

    • I do find them a bit of a pain to do but worth it when it comes to lunch time. I tend to roast enough sweet potatoes for a few days and also boil a few extra eggs too. I can’t believe how much money I’m saving too with not buying lunches and snacks at work. More money for fabric!! 🙂

  4. I have the same problem–cooking and exercising take so much time! Spring looks beautiful there; glad to hear you’re out enjoying it!

  5. It is difficult fitting in everything isn’t it? Good luck on your health kick, I’ve gone back to jive dancing so hopefully that will help!

    That War Time camp seems interesting – was it for prisoners of war?

    Looks like a fun week, loved the birthday cake!

    • I love jiving and it’s a really fun way to keeping fit, much better than the gym! In the late 90’s me and the hubby went for lessons and shocked everyone at our wedding. We still do a bit when we at parties, even though we’re not so good now 🙂

  6. Is that our lovely Liberty dress I see rolled down and hoiked up in an unladylike fashion? I’m very disappointed as I thought that triangular shaped thingy in the left hand corner of the photo was a ‘play’ button and pressed it in the hope of hearing you gently snoring.
    (I’m only jealous as I haven’t got to wear mine yet)

    • Shame on me, behaving so badly wearing Liberty, I hope no one reports me, lol! I just checked out what you meant by the triangle. It’s one of the white flags stuck in the ground to show the boundary of the cricket pitch. The hubby was watching out for me so I didn’t get hit by the ball! 🙂

  7. Salad looks very appetising, well done with the healthy eating but we all have to fall off the wagon at some point!

  8. CONGRATULATIONS on winning your first A team match!!! Those bluebells look magical, like sprinklings of blue fairy dust under lovely trees. Hope you allowed yourself a bit of a splurge on that humorous cake, Good for you for getting to the gym, despite your new schedule. Hope you’ll settle into a more comfortable routine soon. Will await your next Sunday Seven on whenever! xx

    • I was cut quite a large slice and it would have been really rude not to eat it! Routine would be lovely, I think I need to make myself a list at the beginning of the week of what I want and what I need to do otherwise I think I’ll end up getting nothing done by the end of the week, well nothing sewing related and I miss that 🙂

      • Agreed ~ one shouldn’t be rude. 😉 Sounds like a good idea on that list. Good luck! Let us know how you get on.

  9. It won’t feel like dieting if you continue to eat like that and well done on your weight loss since Portugal! Your A-team success is brilliant news – snoring on the sidelines at cricket, not so much (funny though!). Blossom and bluebells; a little bit of nature porn:)

    • The hunger pangs are making me feel like I’m dieting at times, my stomach had forgotten what it felt like to be hungry! I keep telling myself they’re shrinking pains, lol! I think I’ll dose in my chair next time and be a little bit less conspicuous! 🙂

  10. corrineappleby says

    Congratulations on losing 8lbs – that’s fantastic! I’ve been on a diet for years. I’m nearly at target weight but have 5lbs to go which I just can’t shift. Hope you get time to get some sewing done soon ☺

  11. Shrinking pains! I like that visualization. And good job, getting back on the diet wagon so quickly. The snoring on the sidelines cracks me up, those pink blossoms are heavenly. Lovely week, yet again!

    • Thanks Jen! It’s been tough the last few days but now the hubby’s loosing weight too we’re encouraging each other so will hopefully keep at it 😀

  12. Beads and Barnacles says

    The blossoms are lovely such a sign of spring.
    That salad looks fantastic I would Def eat more healthily if I could produce salads like that…

    • Salads are always better if someone else makes them. I get fed up if all the chopping, but tend to boil a few boiled eggs and roast a few sweet potatoes do I’ve enough for 3 or 4 days as they make the salad more interesting 😀

  13. Love all the photos of beautiful Spring weather and blooms, such a gorgeous time of year to be out and about. It’s amazing you’ve already lost 8lbs since coming back from hols! 👏🏼

    • I know, I was really chuffed! I think all the dancing on holiday got me a little bit fitter so I was raring to go when I got home 😀

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