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#SundaySevens 87 Feat. Fabricate at Roberttown

All this came from just ONE cauliflower!!


So I got all super organised and bagged up lots of spare veg for the freezer for those days when I was sewing working and needed a quick meal for the family.


What’s in the bag this week!  I took some fabric and card to work to attempt some sticking, glueing and stitching in my break.  I did manage to make a start on my Hexie Caddie for #sewdowndewsbury.


Before the weekend I would have struggled to muster up an interesting post.  But thanks to a Fabricate opening only about 3 miles from home things began to look up!

I gathered together a few friends – Karen from the Sewing Miserablist, and Sue and 2 more golfing buddies.   It was all a bit surreal, my online friend is now a proper friend and is making friends with my other proper friends!  How good is that!

Karen showing of her new Burda Jeans!


And me totally Tillied out in my Coco and Cleo!  Sorry I couldn’t help posing in and amongst all the amazing stuff for sale!  No more waiting for the postman when I’m wanting an Indie pattern, or dashing into Leeds for last minute haberdashery when I run out of something!


Philippa who owns this sewing haven!

She wasn’t for having her picture taken really, but no one is really, are they? Watch out at #sewdowndewsbury – best wear your lippy cos I’ll catch you with the camera 😉


Sue doesn’t sew, she reckons she can’t even thread a needle, but she came along as she knew all the ladies and is slightly tempted to have lessons.  You never know, this time next year she might even have her own hand made wardrobe!


Golfers and sewists getting on famously!


After we’d exhausted ourselves in Fabricate we headed over the road to the cafe, but got distracted by a dress agency next door to it.  I nearly bought this dress. Nearly as it got as far as the lady removing the label and putting it in a bag, but then I tried on a purple one (no photo yet!) and bought that instead.


In the cafe for tea and cake!


Here’s my goodie bag that Philippa had put together for the new customers.


And here’s my purchases.  Some filling for the hexie caddie, a french curve for all the intended pattern drafting, and a pack a sewing needles – I’m always loosing them!


I finished the hexie caddie on Saturday night whilst catching up with Taboo – I’d not seen any so had all 3 to watch. And then on Sunday I had a browse through my Goodie Bag inspiration board on Pinterest for something to make to coordinate with the caddie.  I made 9 pattern weights and filled them with rice pudding rice. So it looks like they’ll have to make do with Ambrosia this week!


 If anyone who is local-ish to me and is wondering where Roberttown is you can see it on the map below that I’ve used before for my Dewsbury posts.

It’s only 1 minute off the A62 near the Fountain Pub at Mirfield.  It’s worth a ride over, not only calling into Fabricate, but you might pick something up in the dress agency too and then there’s the cafe for tea and a slice of cake.  Or they do a mean breakfast – it’s where the hubby and I stop off when we’re out and about on the bikes.

It’s only open until 1pm though, so worth bearing in mind if you’re planning on your shopping trip being thirsty work!

#spoolettes   321

The little dot near the ‘R’ in Roberttown marks the spot.

Have you noticed there’s no cakes this week!?  Well, I did have a little square in the cafe on Saturday, oh, and a small brownie in Fabricate.  I’ve started on a health kick so have been to 3 classes this week and I’m really watching what I eat.  Why’s this?  Is she ill, you may wonder?  No, the countdown to the ladies Portugal trip has begun!

Sunday Sevens – a short blog post with seven/a few/lots of (delete as appropriate) photos from your week, invented by Natalie from Threads and Bobbins.

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  1. I love the look of that shop – it looks so welcoming and fun (as does the owner!) – I am very envious.
    How organised are you – with your frozen veg? It’s the sort of thing I do occasionally and then totally ignore it as I find the look of it unappealing once it’s frozen and bagged up. I know, I know, I’ll never win ‘Homemaker of the Year’ – I need to do some very overdue vacuuming but, instead, I’m off upstairs to hem a skirt I made yesterday. Ask me if I care?

    • Ha ha! I though no vacuuming here either and for a second thought it was okay for you to vacuum but not me, because I have a dog, then I remembered you have a whole menagerie 🙂

    • I don’t mind unappealing if it gives the impression I’ve been salving over a hot stove for an hour or so! I’m a bit lucky on the vacuuming dept as H us getting to the age where he’s wanting to earn some spending money, and how much he gets equates to how much he’s helped out in the previous week. So far this is working and worth every penny! 😃

      • Great idea – we did that when young, too, although I admit my vacuuming sits around forever, also. But with no pets around… 😉

  2. Yummy Cauliflower Cheese. Haven’t had that for ages, will put it on the menu this week. The shop looks gorgeous – lucky you! Am going to have to put out a request to the universe for an equivalent knitting one three miles from me 😉

  3. What a lovely looking shop. Can’t be too far away from me! Have just put the Spoolettes date in my diary. Hope to pop by for at least a coffee although I can’t buy any fabric!

  4. Wow! Great week for you, considering that class started. And in January, too. Way to go (she writes enviously).
    What’s the count for Portugal? Lovely to see your buddies there… and all she’s got in her shop. Could probably use 1 of almost every book in the place for starters, and don’t let me even look at patterns – H.U.G.E. temptations!
    Remember Portugal, and you’ll be able to contend. 😄

  5. I often make extra food when I’m cooking with the idea of putting it in the freezer, but my hungry lot just eat any leftovers as seconds! Lovin’ that shop – it looks really upmarket and not too big to get overwhelmed by choice. I so wish I could make it to one of your meet ups:(

    • You need to bring your family up north for a holiday! If you’re ever in these parts give me a little bit of notice and we can soon gather the troops and organise a meet up 😃

  6. I usually cook two meals at a time, and put one in the freezer quickly, so it doesn’t get eaten. The shop looks lovely, definitely have to pay a visit!

    • It’s definitely worth a visit, and has a late night too for normal people (I’m not normal!) who work Monday to Friday. 😃

  7. We do leftovers here, but I’m bad about cooking ahead of time. Love cauliflower! With or without cheese. Looking at my needs-vacuuming carpet, just dreaming about how lovely it would be if we had half the glorious fabric centers you do!
    Enjoy your outing, and have fun with your new, super close fabulous fabric store. 😀

    • I know, we are lucky in Yorkshire, I bet I’ve over a dozen within a 1/2 hour drive. It’s a wonder I’m not bankrupt! 😃

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