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Simplicity 1783 – A Cynthia Rowley Pattern

I know there’s a lot of Cynthia Fans out there and I’m quickly becoming one!

Here’s 1873


Last year I made the top from this pattern, you might remember it as the ‘save all your kisses for me‘ top!

A few weeks ago I was looking to make a denim skirt for summer and stumbled across this pattern in my stash and thought this would be perfect.

I frivolously chopped my paper pattern!!  Shock! Horror!!  This is not something I would normally do, but I’m not planning on being a bigger size anytime soon so I thought what the heck!

#simplicity1783 #thimberlina #cynthiarowly 1406

It’s actually about a month or so since I finished this.  There’s not a lot to say about the construction except to was fairly straight forward, including the zip fly.

#simplicity1783 #thimberlina #cynthiarowly 1407

I changed the order of construction.  Instead of sewing the side seams then attaching the waist band, I completed the front (inc the fly) added the waist band, but not the facing.  Then I sewed up the side seams to get the fit spot on.  Then adjusted the waist facings and attached them.

#simplicity1783 #thimberlina #cynthiarowly 1405

From experience there’s nothing worse than attaching the waist band, and finishing off the top stitching etc only to find you’re unhappy with the fit.   I started sewing all my skirts, dresses and trousers this way after making my Yasmin Yoke Skirts as they is how they are sewn up.

So here’s a few pics from an old photo shoot!  What spurred me on to write this post today is that I’m wearing this outfit today for #memademay17

#simplicity1783 #thimberlina #cynthiarowly 1410

#simplicity1783 #thimberlina #cynthiarowly 1417

#simplicity1783 #thimberlina #cynthiarowly 1418

#simplicity1783 #thimberlina #cynthiarowly 1416

#simplicity1783 #thimberlina #cynthiarowly 1409

#simplicity1783 #thimberlina #cynthiarowly 1413

#simplicity1783 #thimberlina #cynthiarowly 1415

#simplicity1783 #thimberlina #cynthiarowly 1412

#simplicity1783 #thimberlina #cynthiarowly 1414


The top is a save from last year.  The neckline just wasn’t right so I folded it over to the outside and stitched it down with the coverstitch and am really pleased it worked as I just love this fabric.

So not a lot else to say about the skirt, except there’ll be definitely more of these to be seen in the summer, once I get through my stash of jumpsuit patterns for #jumpingintojune !!


  1. You know you’re an expert when you start rearranging the instructions to make more sense! Looking good – let’s hope the sun comes out so you can wear this outfit a lot more.

    • Thanks Sheila, I never thought of it like that, but I think I’m still a way off being an expert, maybe an experienced intermediate! 🙂

    • I don’t know why all patterns don’t have it that way in the instructions, it does make life easier for fitting 🙂

    • Aw thanks Del, I’m glad too how the top worked out as I was really disappointed and felt like I messed it up when I first made it. xx

  2. Love the skirt! I love how it doesn’t have the usual slit at the back but rather that rather fetching front pleat. And yes, why would anyone finish the whole construction without having the chance to change fit? I never got those instructions.

    • Thanks Chris. The pleat was surprisingly easy to do, I’d not done one before but I think I might be add to to other skirts and dresses in the future now I know what I’m doing! 🙂

    • Thankyou! I did make the blouse a while ago but it didn’t get too much wear, though I did enjoy making it 😃

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