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Easter Week Sunday Sevens

I’ve just enjoyed a week’s annual leave – how lucky was I that it coincided with some lockdown restrictions being lifted – including opening up the golf courses, and also some glorious weather!

My first round of 2021 with the ladies at Cleckheaton Golf Club.

The sun came out after I played with ladies and Bob I played 12 holes in the evening after he’d finished work. I did 25k steps on Monday!

Some of the Pampas Grass on the course had been battered by the winds.

The broken ones have found their way to a new home.

A new frock was needed to mark the course being open at long last and I made this to wear on Tuesday in my first competition of 2021.

This is the Mary Quant Dress designed by Alice & Co Patterns and is available as a FREE download on the V&A website.

This picture was taken an hour and 45 minutes before I was teeing off!

As usual I rose to the challenge and finished it. Fully hemmed and ‘everything’ – I have been known to wear unhemmed outfits on their first outing.

Not just for golf! I love making clothes that aren’t just for one occasion. Although I made it originally for golf and thought the crazy swirly fabric might be a bit OTT for day wear when finished it was perfect to meet my work sister at hers for lunch.

First alfresco lunch of 2021 with my lovely work sister, Bex.

Helen (one of my sewing and golfing buddies) also made a new frock this week and came round to mine for a mini photo shoot in the garden. Both of our new frocks were made as part of the #frugalfrocks2021 challenge on instagram.

Thursday night we had a date night and I fancied carrying on with the 60’s theme and wore my spotty dress that I made last year for a 60/70s party. Apparently I can add videos to my posts so lets see if this works!

My bias binding collection – I use scraps from finished projects and make bias binding and keep it in this sewing box.

Love this time of year with daffodils everywhere!

More golf pics I’m afraid. I didn’t do much else this week. My new silver shoes and Vogue 1411 pants – I didn’t make them for golf but they’re perfect as they have an elasticated waist and I’m struggling to fasten anything at the minute!

Nothing to do with golf! I’ve run another sleeve hacking zoom class this week. I’m loving these and can’t wait to do them in real life too when we’re allowed.

The sun came out during our round – luckily I popped a skirt in my bag in case the weather warmed up!

As well as golf this week we have done some garden hopping now we’re allowed to venture out a little bit more. Unfortunately, I never thought to take any photos – I was too excited and too busy being sociable to think about taking any, but hopefully I’ll be back in to the swing of things for my Sunday Sevens next week and it won’t be all mainly about golf!

Have a great week whatever you’re doing.

Stay safe and keep smiling!

Ali x


  1. Lovely to see another blog post pop up in my inbox this morning Ali, I miss your Sunday 7s, such a fab way to keep a record of your week. Love your Quant dress, it works really well in the lycra, I would never have thought of that.
    Are you looking forward to watching the Bee soon πŸ˜‰

    • Thanks Sam! I was really pleased with how it turned out, when I saw the pattern I loved it but didn’t think I’d wear it so much in a woven, plus the Covid pounds are needing lycra at the moment!
      And yes, I’m proper looking forward to the Bee starting!! πŸ™ƒ

  2. I remember that Quant dress when Alice & Co were asking for pattern testers. It looks good on you.
    I’m not surprised you took the time to catch up on your golfing – we’ve been deprived for soooo long.
    Your Bob reminds me of somebody so much but I can’t put my finger on who – somebody off the telly??

    • I’ve just asked Bob if he’s ever been told he looks like any one of the telly, and he can’t think of anyone. He must just have a common faceπŸ˜‚

  3. Love the Quant dress – that fabric is perfect for it!
    Good for you for getting onto the golf course and pretty much staying there. You’ve been sooo good for sooo long you deserve the treat! xx

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