Sunday Sevens
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#SundaySevens 91 Featuring The Bronte Country

This week has all been about #sewdownsbury.  But I have managed a couple of other things.  Mainly work and healthy eating.

I had to drag myself away from my sewing machine for my 10am start on Monday.  Working shifts I don’t normally get Monday morning blues on a Monday but I did last week.  I wanted to stay home and finish my moneta!  Instead I put on a big smile and headed off!


I stopped at Tesco on my way home and picked some whoopsed flowers….60p!!


They’ve perked up quite nicely since I took this photo over a week ago and are still going strong.


2 night shifts followed my 2 late shifts.  At 4 am as I was pulling out of the drive of a nursing home when I had my first sighting of daffies this year.


I was running out of time for getting things done so I had to take my name badge to embroider on Thursday night.  Luckily I got it finished.


My diet has been so healthy and I’ve been sticking to it religiously.  Kale, courgette and cauliflower soup ready to be whizzed up in the magi mix.



It was soooo tasty, not quite in the same league as a vanilla slice, but tasty none the less.


Lunch at Weatherspoons at Sewdowndewsbury….. whilst everyone else was tucking in to chips and onion rings…..I had a healthy pasta dish.


Saturday was just the best day ever, but Sunday really wasn’t far behind.

If you remember, Chris came over for the meet up from Germany.    She stayed in Haworth on the Saturday night so on Sunday I met up with her and my pal from work and we walked to Top Withins.  Brian was brought up in the area and has walked round here all his life so there was no chance of us getting lost.  When he was a boy he said tourists would ask them for  directions but they always send them the wrong way! How naughty!












Obligatory stop at the pub for beer and food!


The first lambs I’ve seen this year!


Until next time……come back soon Chris!



So all in all an amazing weekend!  What’s next?  Well me and Chris are cooking something up…… Jumping Into June – The Revival!   When we did it the first time 2 years ago Jumpsuits weren’t so on trend but they are now…..are you in??

Body shrinking update

I lost 2 1/2 pounds again, so thats 5 in total!

Mum lost 1 – that’s 11 in total (she started a couple of weeks before me)

The hubby’s joined in too but not going to class.  He’s lost 5 lb in his first week!!


Hope it doesn’t seem too weird not having any cake photos, but eventually I’ll be having the occasional treat but not yet, sorry!


Sunday Sevens – the brain child of the lovely Natalie from Threads and Bobbins.


  1. Wonderful! What a great time we had, didn’t we? I feel like coming back next weekend – but I think I will have to give it a few weeks at least in order to keep family relations sweet 😉

    • That’s a good idea, maybe depending what your plans are when you come in June we might catch up for a jumping into June photoshoot!! 🤣

  2. Thanks for mentioning jumpsuits as I’d forgotten my pattern. We’ve just had the hottest February on record (12 days of 70’s and 3 of 80’s). Tomorrow (March 1) will be another 80’s day. Something super cooling might be appropriate a bit sooner than June. But I shan’t be displaying bared limbs on t’internet – definitely photo on a hanger!
    Your week looks lovely & jam-packed, as seems usual for you. Lovely to see international sewer Chris travelling to Blighty for shopping, and then hiking on Sunday. That’s stamina! xxx

    • Glad to hear you’re considering jumping into June with us! Can’t believe you’re heat, we could do with some extra degrees being sent over as it sounds like you’ve lots to spare! xx

    • I’ve never done the walk and it’s only a good half an hours drive, I feel like I’ve let the side down being a yorkshire women and all that. I’ll definitely be doing it again when the weather picks up.
      Looking forward to seeing your jumpsuit, plenty of time to get it sewn up! 🙂

  3. Looks like you and Chris had a great time and yomping over the moors doesn’t hurt when you’re trying to lose a few pounds does it?

    • I felt the pounds being blown away as we did all the yomping, it was fab. It’s that long since I did a proper walk that I had to borrow my sisters boots. They’re on the shopping list though, and I’ll be doing it again soon 🙂

  4. I really really should go to Top Withins. I was hoping for a Heathcliffe and Cathy photo! Well done on the wight loss. The daffs are nearly out here, but I haven’t seen a lamb yet. Spring is springing!

    • We should’ve roped Brian in for the heathcliffe and cathy photo – that would have been funny! Next time….!

  5. Well done on all that healthy eating – we have a lot of green soup in our house too! We also like a reduced to clear bargain!

    • Green veg makes soup much tastier and seems to give a soup more umph that some of the other soups I’ve made. I’m feeling better already after only a few pounds off!

  6. Well done you on the weight loss! Especially sticking to pasta in Dewsberry meetup. I’m still fighting the lurgy – got worse and worse until yesterday – so no dieting until next week, although keeping off chocolate and alcohol. Sunday looks fun – just my sort of day – but very chilly.

    • Sounds like you won’t need to diet, the lurgy might’ve made you loose pound or too. A bit late me replying so I’m hoping you’re back firing on all cylinders xx

      • Thanks. I finally felt like myself again yesterday, although still sniffling. I did stop eating some of the naughtiness, but you know how a cold can make you feel really hungry? Mmm yes, that. But back to exercise this week, did Tai chi yesterday, proper 3 mile walk with friend today then back on the bike tomorrow! xx

  7. It looks amazing up on Top Withens – I really ought to get up there next time I’m in Leeds. And congratulations on your weight loss success!

    • It was fab, it’s only 40 minutes drive from where I live and I can’t believe I’ve never walked up there before. I’m looking forward to doing it again when the sun’s shining. 🙂

  8. Sam Chandler says

    Brilliant pic of you & Chris on Top Withens and look at those lovely lilies for 60p – I love a bargain! Spring is finally springing, I saw some daffies the other day too. I think I will join you for jumping into June I’ve already got a nice pattern but also got my eye on Vogue 9075 – which I see on IG that nelnandnora has already sewn up from fabric bought on Saturday!

    • I’ve spotted that too, and do you follow SewSouthLondon – she’s on IG and WordPress – she’s just made a fab version too. 🙂

  9. Lovely, lovely photos! It was lovely to meet Chris and so many other new ladies on Saturday. I have lots of new bloggers and instagrammers to follow!

    • I still can’t believe how many came, and that Chris came all that way! It’s fab following people when you’ve met them, it makes it all a bit more real, instead of having imaginary friends! 🙂

    • We did! Wasn’t she just so lovely in real life!! I still can’t believe she came all this way to meet us! 🙂

      • 🙂 I know, it amazes me that everyone is so like their ‘voice’ online, if not nicer in real life. So fab that she came over and hopefully she’ll be back. Again, really lovely photos of you both X.

  10. Beads and Barnacles says

    Well done on your weight loss and self control in spoons.
    The photos from your walk are lovely. Looks like the weather was on your side.

    • Spoons, lol! We call that here but I wasn’t sure if my followers would call it that too!! We were lucky with the weather as the forecast was terrible 🙂

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