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Plaid Victoria Blazer BHL #1

I’m desperately in need of a coffee break after a morning pattern matching my latest project – my 2nd Victoria Blazer. My first one is unfortunately not blogged as yet (soon to be), totally different to this one, and 2 sizes smaller as I made it in a ponte knit. Here’s a peak of it in the cutting out stage…. Some major decision making went into this one, choosing where to place the embellishments. ….back to today’s project…. About 2 months ago I bought this light weight wool mix (definately wool as it smelt of sheep when I washed it!) from Dewsbury market for £4 per metre. What a bargain! Turns out to be a second, I found a few holes in it today when I came to use it, but as I bought 3 metres I’ll be able to work round them. Holey moses! Not quite a bargain after all! Not sure why, but I tend to be make life difficult for myself when I start a project. My first (and only) Renfrew was …

The Frock – Vogue 1353 – #Wedding No 1

I should really have gone to bed 4 hours ago after working my 4th and last night shift but I’m too excited to sleep!! My fabric arrived in the post on Saturday and today is the first chance I’ve had to cut it out. It’s a very drapey poly crepe which hangs beautifully, but I think it will be the totally wrong fabric for V1353 which has 6 pleats round the neck, and pleated round the top if the skirt. I’ve decided to underline my fashion fabric with some white cotton that has more body than a pint of Guinness and will hopefully add some definition to the pleats. Over the past few weeks, whilst my sewing machine was in hibernation, I’ve been reading several blogs and also Threads website regarding different techniques of under lining fabric. Some say to hand stitch all over, some just to whiz around the edges……mmmm, how shall I do mine? Here is my fabric spilling off the table, organised chaos as usual, and more TV dinners I think lay …

5 Weddings and hopefully no funerals!

So far we have invites to 5 weddings this year! Because of the 2014 RTW Fast I won’t be able to buy new out fits (loud sigh of relief from my hubby!) and I don’t think I’d be able to produce completely new outfits for each occasion. Luckily there are all different groups of family and friends so 1 or 2 new outfits should be ok for all the weddings. I’m a big fan of hats at weddings, but so far have not given wearing a hat a thought. All my time had been spent searching for THE perfect dress pattern. And here it is…. So far I’ve made a muslin of the bodice in a gorgeous stretch cotton sateen. I only had 1/2 metre, so wish I had enough to made it all! From the muslin I’ve worked out I need to lengthen the bodice by an inch, but other than that it should be ok. (This is my first proper muslin!!) I’ve found quite a few reviews and completed dresses on the web, …

Staying Up Late

Think I should have gone to bed 2 hours ago with my hubby instead of staying up late with my latest project and a bottle of wine! I’m a bit rubbish at drinking, so after 2 glasses and struggling to pin this strange fabric (which would be better suited as a gorilla ccostume) I’m calling it a day! PS I’m making simpilicity 2150 view D

1950’s themed party Part 2

This morning I woke at 5:30am, my alarm was set for 6 as I was due to start work at 7. ‘Ooo’ I thought, ‘I could get up and cut out my tulle for my petticoat to go under my full circle skirt’ (which can be seen here).   I did some working out on my iPad:   I managed to cut my net out before I went to work so I’m all ready to get sewing when I finish work tonight.  I’ve been thinking about adding some appliqué to the skirt. I’ve looked on the internet and seen this: I’ve seen this…… And this: So today I am going to attempt drawing appliqué templates. I think ice cream or maybe a single big flower. What do you think? If I do add appliqué then it will mean I probably won’t be able to wear the skirt for anything other than dressing up. But hey oh, it hasn’t cost much to make it.  Edited with BlogPad Pro

The Lekala Jersey Top – Part 1

Phew!! Just finished cutting out my first top from Lakale. I discovered this website yesterday. You tell them your measurements and ‘voila’ they email you a pattern in YOUR size. No adjustments necessary! The cutting out of the PDF pattern was really simple as the cutting lines were very clear. When you order your pattern you can choose to include the 1cm seam allowance or not. I cut out a stripy light weight jersey. I’ve not sewn with stripes before and I think I’ve managed to line up the stripes for the seams. All will be revealed in part 2! So far it’s taken me 2 hours – cutting out the pattern and the fabric. Anyone’s who’s read my previous blogs will know that that has probably driven me slightly crazy. I like thing to happen super fast and would expect to be wearing my new project after 2 hours. Hopefully I’ll be wearing it for the school run at 3pm! Here’s a photo of my cutting out weights: And another of the mess on …

Meet Gertrude and Newlook 6123

Here’s Gertrude proudly modelling my (wearable-ish) toile of Newlook 6123.  It’s my birthday on Monday and my lovely hubby has bought me a dress form, and let me have it early! He was a little worried that Fred (pictured below) would be taking residency in the conservatory, AKA my sewing room. I made a toile of Newlook 6123 (view B) earlier this week but kept pricking myself whilst pinning the sides to get the fit right. Now I’ve managed to get the fit right, thanks to Gertrude (named by my hubby, but I think it’s going to be Gertie for short).  I’m really pleased with the dress, it made in a light weight cotton so I don’t think it will be making its debut in public until next summer. In the meantime I’m on the lookout for some bright red wedges and a wide red belt to finish off the ensemble!  After cutting it out I graded the hip in 2 sizes to match my measurements, I’m straight up and down: Here’s some more work …

I must be mad!

Woke up at 5:30 – alarm set for 7, working 8/18 today. Have to make something to wear for tonight!! I’m off to the new Leeds Arena to see a famous Bollywood singer, not sure of his name tho! Being invited by a golfing buddy – she has a box and its a freebie! Taking my mum and one of my best buddies, Martin, too. Rummaged in my stash (quietly as to not wake my hubby) and found a metre of a gorgeous bright slinky jersey. I cut out version D of newlook 6648, omitting the gathered waist band, but extending the top the full length of the fabric. Hopefully it will be long enough to wear as a dress! Fingers crossed! It’s now almost 7am & I need to get ready for work, load my machine into my car and go and save some lives. With a bit of luck I’ll get it done between call outs. Failing that I get a whole 37.5 minutes for my break!